Sanofi Case 2016

Challenge: “How might we design a predictive analytics ecosystem which enables the proposition of the next best action towards the customer for sales and marketing people?”

Doctors feel like they are drowning in marketing information from pharmaceutical companies. They get approached from different sales channels with information that they feel is not consistent or tailored to their specific interests. At the same time sales organizations within these companies already have a vast amount of customer information stored within complex customer relationship management solutions, but this asset is not used to its full potential, as there is a lack of direct collaboration and knowledge sharing across different sales channels. What they need is a way to better use their customer data.

MATCHIQ was created to improve internal collaboration and the efficient exchange of knowledge by making customer data more accessible and usable for everyone involved in the sales process. With MATCHIQ we have developed a solution that helps to do just that, by connecting all the knowledge within the sales organization – that is call center agents, marketing employees, event managers and sales representatives in the field. Enabling instant collaboration and pushing information to where it’s needed, when it’s needed. This way sales representatives and all other sales channels can focus on what really matters – their customers. Giving them the information they are actually interested in and talking to them as one company with one voice.