Clariant Case 2013

Challenge: “Clariant needs an attractive and easy to handle platform for Open Innovation (OI) to fulfill the need for innovative products.”

InnoEx Online

InnoEx Online requires users to post only the expertise or resources that they are willing to share with the community. Users can search the global community for people offering expertise or resources they need and contact those people privately. There is never any need to publicly post potentially valuable ideas. The platform helps Clariant to stay at the pulse of the technology and enables them to launch new and foster existing relationships within the PE industry. InnoEx Online also provides Clariant with an overview of all interactions and activities in the community and therefore represents a unique tool in the scouting phase of their idea-to-market-process.


InnoEx InPerson: Featuring the 3D Circuit Printer

InnoEx InPerson is a workshop concept that revolves around a unique manufacturing and prototyping tool: the 3D Circuit Printer (3DCP). This new technology combines 3D printing with PE inks to produce 3-dimensional circuits fully integrated into any mechanical shape, all without removing the object from the print bed. The 3DCP provides incentive for PE idea generators to attend the workshop, inspiration for new product ideas, and a tool for prototyping them. By meeting to imagine new applications of PE technology rather than existing industry problems, the workshop does not put existing intellectual property at risk.

Our system helps Clariant to stay ahead of competition by connecting them to the most innovative people in the industry. It also enables collaboration between Clariant and innovators to help them turn their innovations into reality. In this way, InnoEx can accelerate not just Clariant’s innovation process, but illuminate the entire Printed Electronics industry.