Audi Case 2013

Challenge: Design the future community for clients of the R8 sports car and other audi sports cars (RS- & S-Models)

myquattro is a concept for an exclusive and interactive community of Audi drivers. The main theme is „Discovery“. The usage of myquattro is supposed to bring joy to ist members and offer an additional use case that has a relation to their car usage. I

There are three main aspects to discover with myquattro: Routes function as central“social objects” and hook for activities in myquattro. Routes are interesting and provided by other users who can recommend them.

Audi-drivers can contact eachother via myquattro and communicate and interact in many different ways

The user can process his data in a visual way. They are either collected directly on the smartphone or in the Audi ( and transmitted via Audi connect). The data enables users to compare different parameters of their rides.