Teams prepairing for their winter presentations

Coming monday (21th March) all the corporate sponsors of the teams will be visiting St.Gallen for a 2 days-workshop and also for the Teams’ winter presentations.

News: We are very proud to welcome our friends Dr. Tamara Carleton and Dr. William Cockayne from Stanford University to give us a presentation on Foresight Thinking. For more information please follow this link.

The Students Teams are therefore  busy with prepairing their presentations and also with the wireframing of their functional prototypes.

Last monday  the student teams were presenting their functional prototypes in front of the course and the teaching team.
The visions of what the final prototypes will be like is now becoming clearer and the teams transform their low resolution prototypes (for example made out of cardboard/paper etc.) into something digital (as you can guess from the picture above).

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